Remote Consulting – “RCX”

Our Remote Consulting service or RCX, delivers expert SAP and multi-tier technology support through remote access to client's ICT systems. It's an excellent way to resolve technical and functional problems efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

With our RCX application, our highly experienced consultants will be able to support and even project manage your solution during implementation and after 'go-live' stage.

You as a client, will benefit from a complete action plan, plus diagnostic feedback and reporting. All issues will be tracked so that you have visibility into system status on an ongoing basis.

Our RCX service is ideal for companies that require system testing, need optimization of system performance, are experiencing interruptions in processes not related to software or system issues, or lack access to on-site consultants. The service can also assist companies that are experiencing performance bottlenecks or upgrading solutions.

Our RCX applicatin and service also gives you, the client, cost-effective access to our SAP consultants who are experienced in problem troubleshooting. You can thus resolve problems quickly and avoid system downtime and interruptions to your business operations.

You benefit from quick resolution of problems, benchmarking of system performance, and cost-effective services that deploy only the resources necessary to meet your specific needs.

For further information and details, please contact us.

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